20 May 2013

Chandran Temple-Sri Kailasanathar -Thingaloor--The Second of the Navagraha Temples of Tamil Nadu

The Kailasanathar temple known as the Navagraha sthalam associated with Chandra the moon, is located in the hamlet of Tingaloor not far from Tiruvaiyaru near Thanjavur in Tamilnadu. The small temple here has a small shrine dedicated to Chandran.

Sri Kailasanathar Temple dedicvated to
 Lord Chandran-Thingaloor
This is an ancient Saivite shrine, associated with the life ofTirunavukkarasar, although no Tevara Patikam dedicated to the shrine has been discovered so far. Tirunavukkarasar has mentioned Tingaloor in a patikam of 10 songs dedicated to another Shivastalam, and hence Tingalur constitutes on of the Tevara Vaippu talangal.

Legend has it that there lived a merchant Appoodi Adikal in the village of Tingaloor who was a devotee of Shiva.  Appoodi Adikal held Tirunavukkarasar in high regard and looked forward to the day when he would be able to host the saint poet. The day arrived, but his son got killed by a venomous snake bite while the saint was being hosted. The saint moved by Appoodi Adikal's devotion is said to have miraculously restored the lad to life.

How to get to the Temple:
Can be reached either from kKmbakonam to Thiruvayaru via Swami Malai route, 35 kms from Kumbakonam or from Thanjavur to Thiravayaru route, 10 kms fromTthanjavur.

Chandra Dosham causes concern in mother’s health, mental imbalance, skin and nervous disorder and jaundice. Chandran blesses his devotees who pray here with wealth, mother’s well being, wife’s happiness, prosperity, marriage and offspring. Mondays are special days for Chandran. Offering of raw rice pudding mixed with jaggery, white flowers [White Arali] and white clothing are made to Chandran here.
Recite the following mantras facing North West
Chandra Moola Mantram: Aum sram srim sraum sah chandraya namah.
Chandra Gayatri: om nisakaraya vidmahae kala nadhaya dheemahi tanno chandra: prachodayaath
Temple Timings : 7 AM – 1 PM & 4 PM – 9 PM.
Temple Phone Numbers: 04362-262 499
2 499

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