09 May 2011

Kayarohaneswarar or Guru Temple [Kanchipuram]

Yesterday being Guru Peryarchi [08-05-2011],  myself and my family,  had been to the Kayarohaneswarar Temple Kanchipuram. This temple is a famous Guru Sthalam in Kanchipuram.  Had very good darshan at the temple.  

About the Temple:

Main deity: Kayarohaneswarar and Kamalaambigai


Once, Lord Brahma and Vishnu were very disappointed as their life time was drawing to a close. Shiva, who is beyond time limit took both of them to his shoulder and started dancing. Since Lord Shiva allowed them to take refuge on his back and blessed them, He is called Kayarohaneshwarar. Goddess Mahalakshmi showered the leaves of the holy Bael tree worshipped Kayarohaneshwarar to be blessed with a holy husband – Lord Vishnu. This temple is popularly known as Guru Sthalam since Lord Jupiter [Lord Guru] came here to worship Shiva and was blessed with unfailing devotion towards Him. 

Every Thursday, people throng the temple. The place of Sri Bhaaskhara maharishi is situated very close to this temple.


Kayarohana Theertham. The Kanchi Puranam lays emphasis on the greatness of this place by saying that those who bathe in the Kayarohana Theertham and worship Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi here would be bestowed with all wealth and wisdom.


We later went on to visit Sri Varadharaja Peruma Temple, Thirukkachi.   

Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram

Significance: One of 108 Divya desams in a sprawling 20 acre area
Location: Vishnu Kanchi, Chinna Kancheepuram
Main deity: Varadharaja Perumal in standing posture and Perundevi Thayar in separate shrines

Lord Vardharaja Perumal with Thaayaar
Brahma worshipped Lord Vishnu in this kshetram in Krita yuga; Gajendra in Treta yuga; Brahaspathi in Dwapara yuga and Aadhisesha in Kali yuga. It is believed that Iravatham, Indhran’s elephant, in the form of a hill bears the image of Lord Vishnu. The Lord is also called in several other names like Devaraja Perumal, Giri Varadhar, Karivaradhar and Athigiri Arulala Perumal. Sages Brugu and Naradha, Goddess Saraswathhi and Indhra were blessed by Varadharajar. Hayman and Sukran were transformed into lizards for their sins and they penanced here and got blessed by Vishnu. There are two lizards at roof of the temple and everyone is allowed to touch them to get relieved of all ailments.

About the Temple: 
This is a massive temple in a sprawling 20 acres site, patronized by Chola and Vijayanagara kings. The first praharam of the temple is on the holy mound called ‘Hasthigiri’. The main sanctum is 40 feet height with 43 steps to go. In the basement, we see Azhagiya Singa Perumal in sitting posture and Arithra devi Thayar. The 100 pillar mandapam with stone chains by the side of the temple tank is a shining example of art and architecture of that period. On the banks of the holy tank is the Chakrathazhwar shrine with Chakrathazhwar in front and Aadhiseshan holding Narashima moorthy at the back. Valampuri Vinayakar Temple is found in the inner court of the temple. The original figure of Lord Varadharajar made out of fig-wood [Atthi] is kept at the bed of the temple tank and is taken out once in 40 years for worship for 10 days. Sages such as Peyalwar, Budhathalwar and Thirumangai Alwar have sung on this deity. The temple festivals Garudasevai and the chariot festival are special, celebrated with great religious fervor and have won fame all over the world.

Theertham: Vegavathi, Ananthasaras Brahma theertham and well.
Vimanam: Punyakoti
Vishnu Temples part of 108 Divya desams
Vishnu Kanchi:
  • Thirukachi [Hastigiri] Varadhraaja Perumal
  • Ashtabhujakaram
  • Thiruthanka
  • Thiruvelukkai
  • Thiruvegha
Shiva Kanchi:
  • Thiru ooragam, Thiru neeragam, Thirukkaragam and Thirukkaarvaanam in the same temple complex
  • Thiruppaatakam
  • Nilanthunagal tundam
  • Thirukkalvanur
  • Thiruppavalavannam
  • Parameswara Vinnagaram
Shiva Temples part of 275 Thevara Padal Petra Sthalams
  • Ekambareswarar Temple
  • Sri Thirumetralinathar temple
  • Thiru Onan Kandhan Thali
  • Anekathangavadham
  • Kachi Nerikkaaraikkaadu
Temples being maintained by Archeological Survey of India [ASI]:
  • Iravatanesvara Temple
  • Jvaraharesvara Temple
  • Matangesvara Temple
  • Muktesvara Temple
  • Pirvatanesvara Temple
  • Vaikunta Perumal Temple
  • Kailasanatha Temple
If you take the Padappai-Walajah-Kancheepuram road, the recommended way to visit all the temples of the Kanchipuram town in the shortest time would be in the following order.
1. Sri Varadarajar Perumal Temple
2. Thiruvekka
3. Ashtabuyagaram
4. Thiruvelukkai
5. Thiruthanka
6. Sri Vaikunta Perumal temple
7. Sri Ulagalandha Perumal temple
8. Sri Kamakshi Amman temple
9. Thiru Pavala Vannan and Pachai Vanna Perumal Temple
10. Sri Ekambareswarar temple – Thiru Nilathingal Thundam is here
11. Thiru Padagam temple.
MahaPeriyavaa's Adishtanam
During the day, we also went to Kanchi Mutt and had good darshan of both the Kanchi Seers and also got the Blessings of Maha Periyavaa at His Adishtanam.  It was a very hot, sunny and humid day throughout.  But visiting all these temples took our minds off the heat and we really enjoyed every moment of the visit.

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