26 November 2012

Saptha Sthana Sthalams[Temples] around Thiruvaiyaru-Thanjavur

Thiruvaiyaru Temple
The Thiruvaiyaru temple is one among a group of seven, collectively known as the Saptha Sthaanam temples. These temples are unique, for they are related to the marriage of Shiva’s foremost attendant, Nandi, and the part that Shiva played in this marriage.

Nandi was born to Siladha Maharshi and performed great penance to his favored deity, Siva. Siva was so pleased with his worship, he not only made Nandi his prime attendant, He also got him married. The marriage itself took place at Thirumazhapadi near Thiruvaiyaru, and Shiva took his devotee around these seven temples as part of the Sapthapadi. Every year, this occasion is celebrated in April/May with the idol of the Lord starting out in a beautifully decorated glass-encrusted palanquin from Thiruvaiyaru, and taking a round of these seven villages. At each village he is received at one boundary by the Lord of that village and accompanied by him to the next village, where he is received by the next one. In such a way, he completes a full circle and returns to Thiruvaiyaru. 

All these temples are situated around Thiruvaiyaru and it is possible to visit all these temples within 4 hours.

The Seven Temples are:

Temple name

Aiyarappar temple
Apathsahayar Temple
Odhanavaneswarar Temple
Vedapuriswarar Temple
Brahmasirakandeeswarar Temple
Pushpavananathar Temple
Neyyadiappar Temple

The Tiruvaiyaru - Aiyarappar temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in the village of Tiruvaiyaru, Tamilnadu, India. The temple is incarnated by the hymns ofThevaram and is classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam. Thiruvaiyaru means Five Rivers around the city. The Five Rivers are Arisilaaru, Vennaaru, Vettaaru, Kudamuruttiyaaru and Kaaviriyaaru.

The temple is located in Tiruvaiyaru[also spelt as Tiruvaiyaru], a panchayat town in Thanjavur district in the Indian state ofTamil Nadu. It is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri, 13 km from Thanjavur, Thiruvaaiyaru has an old Shiva temple dedicated to Panchanatheeswar. Though pilgrims flock to this temple throughout the year, Thiruvaiyaru is more renowned for its association with Saint Thyagaraja, who, along with Muthuswami Dikshitar and Shyama Sastri, comprises the Trinity of Carnatic music.
Near the Shiva temple is the one-roomed house where Thyagaraja composed some of his greatest works. On the banks of the river is the samadhi of the saint composer and it is here that the greatest music festival in the country takes place annually.

About the Temple:
The temple, known as Dakshina Kailasam[Southern abode of Shiva], built in an area of approximately 60000 square meters, has 5 prakarams[closed precincts of a temple] [outer precincts used for religious purposes] and many 'mandapams' [great halls]. The Tiruvaiyaru temple has also a shrine for Aatkondar orKalasamharamoorthy. A Homa Kund started by saint Adi Sankara can be found outside the shrine of Aatkonda.
This is Lord Nandhi birth place

Name of deity

Moolavar: Panchanathiswarar or Ayyarapar

Ambal:Aramvalartha nayaki or Dharma samvardhani 

Sthala Theertham: Vennaru, Vettaru, Vadavaru, kudamuruti, Kollidam.

Stalavriksham: Vilvam

History of the Temple:

Several inscriptions in the temple affiliates the temple to the CholasPandyas, and other rulers. Karikala Chola, Rajaraja the great, Jatavarma Sundara Pandyan, andKrishna Devarayar are associated with Thiruvaiyaru. The temple has two distinct divisions called 'Uttarakailasam' and 'Dakshinakailasam'. Uttarakailasam was built by Rajaraja Cholan's queen in the late 10th century who also made several endowments . Dakshinakailasam was renovated by Rajendra Cholan's queen. Appar, one of the important Nayanmar, was closely associated with this shrine and dedicated one of the songs in 'Thevaram' to this temple.

In this temple, UYYAKONDAR [Lord shiva] guarded the child named Susarithan from Yama in the form of dwarabalaka.This festival is celebrated in the month of Karthika

Saptha Sthana Thiruvizha is one of the major festival celebrated here.  At the time of festival images of Shiva from Tiruvaiyaru are taken in procession to each of the seven Sapta Sthana temples which is of great significance.

There are 320 Procession of the main deity in one year making which is remarkable and unique.

The Thiyagaraja Aradhana at this place is noteworthy and brings in huge crowds during this festival time.

Temple Timings:

6am to 1pm and 4pm to 8 pm

Temple Telephone Number:

04362 260332

Temple Address

Arulmigu Panchanathiswarar swamy Devasthanam
Thiruvaiyaru [Taluk]
Thanjavur [Dist]

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RVNATHAN said...

Nice post sir.Thanks to your detailed post about Saptha Sthana temples,I undertook a tour of these temples and keenly looked forward to see the important idols in each temple,on 24/1/2013, a pradhosham day.
I am also giving a link to the album in picasa about my visit to these places sir.I hope it will be of interest to you.

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