26 November 2012

The Saptha Sthana Sthalams[Temples] around Thiruvaiyaru[Thiruneithaanam]-Thanjavur

The Thiruneithaanam temple is one among a group of seven, collectively known as the Saptha Sthaanam temples. These temples are unique, for they are related to the marriage of Shiva’s foremost attendant, Nandi, and the part that Shiva played in this marriage.

Thiruneithaanam temple

Nandi was born to Siladha Maharshi and performed great penance to his favored deity, Siva. Siva was so pleased with his worship, he not only made Nandi his prime attendant, He also got him married. The marriage itself took place at Thirumazhapadi near Thiruvaiyaru, and Shiva took his devotee around these seven temples as part of the Sapthapadi. Every year, this occasion is celebrated in April/May with the idol of the Lord starting out in a beautifully decorated glass-encrusted palanquin from Thiruvaiyaru, and taking a round of these seven villages. At each village he is received at one boundary by the Lord of that village and accompanied by him to the next village, where he is received by the next one. In such a way, he completes a full circle and returns to Thiruvaiyaru. 

All these temples are situated around Thiruvaiyaru and it is possible to visit all these temples within 4 hours.

The Seven Temples are:

Temple name

Aiyarappar temple
Apathsahayar Temple
Odhanavaneswarar Temple
Vedapuriswarar Temple
Brahmasirakandeeswarar Temple
Pushpavananathar Temple
Neyyadiappar Temple

Thiruneithaanam Temple  [Now known as Thillaisthaanam] is the Seventh in order of the Saptha Sthana temples.  

This temple is located 2 Kms to the west from Tiruvaiyaru.

Period of origin

Before 6 th Century. Appar, Thirugnanasambanthar had sung in Devaram, and renovated at 8th century by first Aditya Chola [ 871-901 AD].

Name of deity

Moolavar: Neiyadiyappar

Ambal: Balambigai

Sthala Theertham:Cauvery

Stalavriksham: Vilvam


This is the place where Lord Shiva collected Ghee for Nandhi's Marriage.
This temple, covering an area of about 2 acres, is one of the 7 Sapthasthaana Sivasthalams. 

In this village,  a farmer had a herd of cows. He was not getting sufficient milk from one particular cow, and he thought that somebody was steeling milk.  So he followed the cow and he saw a miracle showing that it was pouring milk by itself and has changed into pile of ghee formed lingam. He ran towards it and the cow disappeared.  Hence the name Thiruneithaanam(nei=ghee) came into being. Some years later, this temple was renovated by Aditya Chola in 871-907 AD.  Now it is known as Thillaisthanam.

Saraswathi, Nandhi Dhevar, Gowthamar, Brigumuni, Sambandhar, Appar, Pugazendhi and Ottakkuththan had worshiped the lord here.

Here Lord Shiva daily gets Ghee anointing[Abishekam] after which the Lord  gets a warm water anointing. This process of Abishekam[anointing] is done only in this place and not any were else.

King KAYAVAHU of Srilanka treated this deity as an ancestral god and celebrated festivals are known through stone inscriptions available at this temple.

Saptha Sthana Thiruvizha is conducted in the month of April - May and Brahmotsavam in the month of January - February. At that time Ghee rice and curd rice are distributed as Prasadham.

The main sanctum sanctorum for God Shiva is located in the inner prakaram and that the of the female deity in the outer prakram. Dakshinamurthy is depicted in a standing pose here in this temple. Inscriptions from the Chola period are found in this temple.
It is believed that goddess Saraswati, Kamadhenu and Saint Gowtama Munivar have worshipped the God Shiva here.

Temple Timings:

7 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 7 pm

Temple Address

Arulmigu Neiyadiyappar Alayam
Thillaisthanam [P.O]
Thiruvaiyaru [Taluk]
Thanjavur [Dist]

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