06 January 2012

The Temple for CURE - Shree Areyuru Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy Temple

The second Temple for CURE- Shree Areyuru Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy Temple....

Areyuru Vaidyanatheshwara - The God of Medicine cures deadly diseases like cancer, heart attack, kidney failure without medicine and surgery. His Temple is situated at Areyuru, Tumkur Taluk & District, Karnataka State, India. Areyuru, is a small village situated at a distance of 16Kms in the north – west of Tumkur town which is about 70Kms from Bangalore. The temple of Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy is the Shivaalaya temple and is about 1000 years old and is the abode of Jyothirlinga. A large member of devotes and patients visit the temple daily. Hundreds of people suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and kidney failure have got cured.

Shree Areyuru Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy and its Rich Historial Background 

The area, where the temple of Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy exists is known as Tapobhoomi [Land of Saints]. The Areyuru temples of Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy and Haalu Malleshwara Swamy are said to be more than 1000 years old though there are no historical records or any scone inscriptions. People say that there was a thick forest covered in the area where the present temple exists. People belonging to Kaadu Golla [A Type of Tribal People] community lived here. Sri Dadheechi Maharshi along with many saints came from HIMALAYA Mountain and built an Ashram and was doing penance. They installed jyothirlinga of the present Shree Vaidyanatheshwara temple in sanctum sanatorium. This temple was expanded during the period of Cholas [A Dynasty of Karnataka]. A divine medicinal tree existed at the place of present Haalu Malleshwara temple. The saints were preparing medicine from the leaves of this medicinal tree to cure the patients who come to the saints.

Evidence of saints doing penance at Ashram built by them

The main entrance of the temple was dug to lay foundation for temple renovation during 1986. Skeletons of human bodies, skulls, metallic items and earthen pots were found from which it is evident that people lived here. The people who lived here must be saints since general public normally live far away from temples. Samadhi of Shree Gaddigappa:As one enters Areyuru, a saint’s Samadhi is found. This is known as Samadhi of Shree Gaddigappa. About 60-70 years ago fragrant smell was emanating from this Samadhi. However, no such smell is experienced now.

Samadhi of Shree Aadavena Swamy:People say that Shree Aadavena Swamy lived in a moth besides Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy temple in the beginning of 19th Century. Now his Samadhi still exists.

The Holy Snake and its divine power:

It is said that a godly snake lives in the temple premises and guards the Shree Kshetra [Holy Place of Hindus]. This snake swims in tank water from Haalu Malleshwara temple to Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy temple during night times. It stays for sometime in the temple and then returns. Many people have seen this snake, appears big and sometimes opens its head by encircling the Jyothirlinga. At other times the snake looks like an ordinary one.

If archaka, [Priest] who performs pooja, comes to temple without requisite cleanliness, the serpent lies across inside of main entrance, preventing from entering the temple. At that time the archaka goes back, takes bath, comes to the main entrance of temples and performs worship when the door is opened, the serpent would not be seen. This is said to be true.  

When one recalls an incident that occurred at the time of renovation of Shree Vaidyanatheshwara temple during 1986, it becomes clear that God Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy would get the temple services done through devotees.  Sri. Gurubasappa, a devotee, on his own was involving in renovation work of the temple.  Sri Shankarappa of Karadagere Village, a retired Assistant Director [Agriculture], was cooperating and helping in this work. Due to difference of opinion between village people, Sri Gurubasappa said that he will not continue renovation work of temple and went to his village. Next morning, the archaka found that a serpent was sleeping across the main entrance to the temple. When the archaka told this to the village, they came to temple and tried to make the serpent move away.  It is said that they offered milk, the serpent is said to have drunk the milk and did not move. This situation continued for three days. Sri Gurubasappa then realized that this situation occurred because of his refusal to involve in renovation work of the temple. Then he offered pooja and pledged that he will take part and complete the renovation work. The serpent showed movement and disappeared before hundreds of people.

Reasons for miracles that happen at Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy Temple, Areyuru:

It is well known that the river Ganga which flows in north India carries debris, dead bodies, along with it. Though the water of Ganga is very much polluted, people drink the water and also take both presuming that it is sacred water. They do not suffer from any diseases. Scientific investigations have confirmed the absence of diseases spreading and producing bacteria are absent in Ganga river water.

The River Ganga originates from Himalaya Mountain where many sanyasis [Hindu Saints] are living and performing sacred rituals. Thus the Ganga river water derives the divine power and becomes free of all diseases producing bacteria. This fact is beyond scientific verification as explained by scientist Dr. John Howard Sharp, a Nobel Laurent. 
[Ref: A Book “Autobiography of Yogi” page No. 296, Book published by Yoga Satsanga Society of India, Ranchi – 834001, Jharkhand State.]

Atma Jnana [Self Realization]

Divine influence of Rishis [Saints] and sages are said to be living here in their invisible body.  Moreover, the Jyothirlinga is said to posses cosmic divine power.  The divine infuence of Rishis[Saints] together with the cosmic divine power of Jyothirlinga are said to be responsible for curing diseases by destroying the diseases producing bacteria.  The local people say that in olden days, the people who were suffering from diseases used to stay in the temple premises for many days and get their diseases cured.

Those who possess divine knowledge say that diseases causing bacteria are eliminated by the cosmic divine waves generated by the Rishis [Saints] who do penance in Himalaya Mountains. This fact is beyond scientific knowledge.

Haalu Malleshwara temple where Udhbava Linga exists:

There is small temple of Haalu Malleshwara Swamy behind Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy’s temple and at a depth on the tank bund. The lingam of this temple is not installed but emanated from ground (Udbhava Linga). It is said that there was a thick forest in the area of Haalu Malleshwara Temple. An ant hill existed at this place. The formers of Mallappana Halli, a nearby village, used to take their cattle for grazing to this place. A cow among the cattle used to sprinkling milk into the anthill. The villages after witnessing this wonder dug the anthill and found a lingam of about 6” long. Then the people built small temple which in due course became famous as Haalu Malleshwara Swamy.

According to another legend, the sages who lived here long ago saw through their divine sight a Linga inside the ground. They dug and found the lingam and they dug deeper they found milk overflowing. Accordingly they named this place as Haalu Malleshwara Swamy and built a small temple and worshipped.

To get to know God’s blessings and results of worship: 

The devotees offer pooja and abhisheka to the god. They ask the following questions in their mind. 

Does my illness get cured?
Will my legitimate desires get fulfilled?

They ask prasadam in the form of flowers decorated on the God. The archaka with devotion will take flowers with three fingers from god and gives it to the devotee. If the number of flowers is odd [1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.] the illness will be cured or desire will be fulfilled. If the number of flowers is even [2, 4, 6, 8, etc.] the illness will not be cured and desires are not also fulfilled. However, the devotees visit the temple for about 6 months and offer pooja after which the God will bless them.

Transport facility to Areyuru Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Temple:

The temple of Shree Vaidyanatheshwara temple is in Areyuru village which is surrounded by lush green horticultural gardens and agricultural fields. It is at a distance of 8 Kms from Mallasandra Railway Station. There is bus facility from morning [06:00am] to till night [10:00pm]. During festival and Rathothsava [Chariot Fest] times special transport facility exists.  

Those who go to temple by their own transport have to follow the route: Tumkur>Mallasandra >Halanooru >Areyuru. Those who come by train need to get down at Mallasandra and hire Autorikshaw to Areyuru.

Special information to devotees:

Daily transport [KSRTC] facility exists from Tumkur to Areyuru at an interval on one hour from 06:00am to 10:00pm.

Every year, during Shivarathri Festival day, grand Rathothsava is being celebrated and jathra [A cultural meet] is being conducted for 8 days. During last day teppotsava [Water Fest] with all grandeur will be conducted. Attractive fireworks will be terminal function of Jathra.

Experiences of Devotees are many and I give below some of their experiences, which only speaks of the Intense sacredness of this Temple.  :

It is difficult to believe scientifically that deadly diseases like cancer and heart attacks are being completely cured by worshipping god with utmost devotion.However, it is true that these diseases are being cured as a challenge to medical science. Hundreds of people have been cured. Here are a few evidences gathered by devotees of temple by visiting those who got cured and those who got various other desires fulfilled. Such beneficiary’s experiences, addresses and telephone numbers are given below.

Sri. Mallanarasaiah,
Siddappana Palya,
Areyuru Po.,
Tumkur Dist.
Ph.: 9731338141
"During 2002 I was suffering from throat cancer, I was admitted to Kidwai Cancer Hospital, Bangalore and had treatment for 4 months. However, instead of getting cured, the diseases escalated and even liquid could not pass through the throat. At that stage I was discharged from the hospital stating that the diseases could not be cured. At this stage, some elders of our village suggested that I should worship the god Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy with utmost devotion. I visited the temple regularly and carried out worship by praying god to cure my diseases. I did this for four months and I was completely cured."
Sri. Yallaiah,
Siddappana Paalya,
Areyuru Post,
Tumkur Taluk
Ph.: 9908831648
"In the year 2002, almost after one month from date of cancer attack to Mallanarasaiah, I got cancer and was admitted to Govt. Cancer Hospital at Bangalore. Even after 3 months of treatment there was no improvement in my health and I was discharged from the hospitals. Then I prayed god Shree Vaidyanatheshwara to cure this deadly diseases. I was visiting the temple regularly and worshipped god relentlessly. After about 3 months I was completely cured."
Sri. K.S. Siddaramaiah,
Head Master,
Kumkumana Hally,
Tumkur Taluk
Ph.: 9880103397
"My wife, who was suffering from cancer, was not responding to medicines and treatment. Then I went to Areyuru Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy temple and prayed to cure cancer of my wife. I went and worshipped frequently. Now she is completely cured from cancer."
Sri. C.N. Boraiah,
Rtd. Revenue Inspector,
Door No.62,
Sharadadevi Nagar, Tumkur
Ph.: 9379701256
"During the year 2007 I had kidney failure. I was admitted to Manipal Hospital, Bangalore and given treatment. But I did not get cured. Then I went to Areyuru Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy and prayed god and offered solutions. I further took pledge to visit the temple every year and worship god. Now my kidney is functioning normally and there are symptoms of cure of this disease."
Mrs. Indumathi,
W/o Sri. Mariyanna,
Tumkur Taluk
Ph.:0816 2291790

"I was suffering from cancer and did not get any relief from medicines. However, I was completely cured after offering worship to god Shree Areyuru Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy."
Sri. Ashok Kumar Jain,
1st Main Road,
Near Jain Temple, Tumkur
"I was suffering from liver psyrasis from the past two years. Doctor told me that my live has become inactive. I could not get an expert doctor to cure these diseases to conduct surgery and get cured. I came to know from people that I can get the diseases cured if I go and worship Areyuru Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy. Accordingly I went to Areyuru and prayed god by offering pooja. I further prayed to cure my diseases or show some way of getting this diseases cured. After 8 days, my daughter while browsing internet found that surgery for liver psyrosis is being conducted at Gangaram Hospital, Delhi. I went to Delhi and got operated. Now I am keeping good health. I firmly believe that Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy showed me the way. Even now I go to Areyuru frequently and worship the god."
Sri. B.S. Neelakantaiah,
S/o Late. Shivanna,
Bandi Halli, Gubbi Taluk,
Ph.: 0816 280018
"I was suffering from weakness of nerves’ called G.B. Syndrome I did not get this diseases cure in spite of getting treatment from expert doctors. This disease was cured miraculously within 5 months after I went to Areyuru Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy and prayed with devotion."
Sri. Surappa
S/o Sri Maddiga Nayka,
Areyuru Post,
Tumkur Taluk
Ph.: 9342237397
"I became very weak and could not work because of diabetes. Then I went to Areyuru Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy temple and prayed to cure cancer of my wife. I went and worshipped frequently. This disease was cured miraculously within 3months after this."
9Sri. Puttahanumaiah,
B.H. Road, Heggere Extn.,
Ph.: 9972746748
"I had problem of urinary track. I was getting blood in urine and used to give me unbearable pain. Treatment from specialist doctors did not help. Then I worshipped Shree Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy of Areyuru, I visited the temple many times to worship god. Now about 75% of disease is cured. I believe that I will be completely cured in due course."
10Smt. Sharadamma,
Karigowdana Halli,
Gubbi Taluk,
Tumkur Dist.
"I had no issues. I came to the temple of Areyuru Shree Vaidyanatheshwara and offered prayers and pledged to visit the temple every year and perform pooja. By the grace of god now I have one male and female child."
11Sri. V. Krishnamurthy,
S/o Sri. Vajranna,
Ungra, Kunigal Taluk, Tumkur Dt.
"Due to virus attack I was not able to walk. Medicine and treatment from expert doctors did not help me. Since I could not walk, I had requested Sri. Puttarevaiah of Maidala village, Tumkur Dist. To offer prayers at Areyuru temple on any behalf. Now I am completely cured."

I am sure my Postings will be beneficial to many of those who seek the Blessings of God for CURE.  

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