03 November 2009

Saptha Vidanga Sthalams / Temples - Tirukkaaraayil [Now known as Tirukkaaraavasal], Thanjavur]

Tirukkaaraayil [Now known as Tirukkaaraavasal] is the 7th Saptha Vidanga Sthalam.
This paadal petra sthalam is situated 13 Kms to the south from Tiruvarur at Tirukkaaraavasal village on the way to Tiruthuraipoondi. The temple is located by the side of the main road itself.
Other Paadal Petra Siva Sthalams in the vicinity are Tirukollili, Tirunellikka, Tirukkaichinam.
Lord Shiva known as Kannayiranathar. Female[Goddess] deity known as Kailaya Nayagi
Thrirukkaravasal is about 13 Kms from Thiruvarur on the way to Tiruthuraipoondi. The main deity here is Sahasra Nethra Natha Swamy alias Kannayiranathar, and his consort is Kailaya Nayaki. Tirukkaaraayil is one of the Sapthavidanga sthalams of Lord Thyagarajar. The Vidangar here is Aadi Vidangar and His dance is " Kukkuda Nadanam". The Abhishekam is performed everyday at 9:30AM and 6:30PM. This again is a lingam substituted for the original, which has been long lost. This one was installed by the Paramacharya of Kanchi during a visit. There is a beehive in the sanctum of "Goddess Abishekavalli Thayar".
An interesting shrine in this temple is the one of Mahalakshmi, where she faces 3 Bhairavars. There is also an image of Dakshinamoorthy with the kundalini represented on top of the head, which is rare. He is known as Gynaana Guru.
Other temples/Shrines around Thiruvarur are Lord Veerateswarar in Thiruvirkudi; Sri Bhaktavatsala in Thirukkannamangai[8Km]; Mannargudi Sri Raagopalaswamy; Sri Gnanapuriswarar in Thirumakkottai; Murugan Temple in Ettukudi; Vinayaka Temple in Thiruchenkattankudi; Sikkal Singaravelar or Murugan; Ammayar in Karaikal; Goddess Lalithambika Shrine in Thirumeychur[Peralam].
With this, my Blog on the Saptha Vidanga Sthalams comes to an end. I must mention here that it is possible to cover all of these temples in a day, juggling a little in order to see as many lingams as possible. To see all the lingams, it might take, at the most, a couple of days, depending on the time you spend at each temple. One should plan the trip in such a way, so as,not miss the abhishekams at Thiruvarur and Thirunallar, as they are the best and really worth seeing. Thiruvarur is the most ideal place to keep as your base, to see all these temples.

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