03 November 2009

Saptha Vidanga Sthalams / Temples - Thiruvaimur [Thanjavur]

Thiruvaimur is on the road from Thiruvarur to Thiruthuraipoondi, about 5 Kms from Thiruvarur. Neelothpalambika is the Goddess. The main deity in this temple is Vaimurnathar. The lingam is extremely small, and is always kept covered with a kavacham.
This is the place where Sri Thyagarajaswami is known as "Neela Vidangar" and His dance is " Kamala Natanam" and the Abhishekam is performed at 9:30AM everyday.
However, this again is not the original one, but an emerald one substituted very many years back, for the one that was stolen. In addition to this, a Spatika lingam has also been installed. If any of the devotees want to have a peep at the Lingam, the priest in the temple offeres to show the lingam , even though it is not abhishekam time, for a token fee.
An interesting thing about this temple is the presence of Ashta Bhairavarseight forms of Kala Bhairavar. There are special shrines for Natarajar and Navagrahas also. Rishaba Dakshinamurthi, a rare idol, is enshrined in this temple.

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