21 April 2010

Saptha Sthana Sthalams / Temples in Mylapore, Chennai - Karaneeswara Temple, Mylapore, Chennai, TN

Karaneeswaran Koil
Situated in the busiest of the areas in Mylapore, in the Bazaar Road of Kutcheri Road, Karaneeswara temple is one of the Sapta Sthana Shiva temples in Mylapore.  Legend has it that there used to be a young Brahmin in Mylapore who used to perform poojas to Shiv Linga. Through his penance, the young Brahmin found out that Lord Shiva was the cause of creation, protection and destruction of this universe. Thereafter, the Shiv Linga [the main deity of this temple] was called as Karaneeswara. [Karaneeswara means one who has causes]. This temple is  believed to  belong to 12th centuary AD.

Karaneeswaran Koil On "Sani-Pradosham" on 01-01-2011
Whenever I am in Mylapore area, I make it a point to visit this ancient temple.  Recently on the "Sani-Pradosham" day, which happend to be on  the 1st of January 2011,  I had been to the temple.  This being a very auspicious day [sani-pradosham],  the temple wore a festive look with many people coming to have darshan of Shivan and Nandhi.  One had to wait in queue for long hours to have darshan.  

Another view of the temple
Do make sure you visit this ancient temple whenever you are in Chennai.

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