21 April 2010

Saptha Sthana Sthalams / Temples of Mylapore, Chennai - Velleswarar temple,Mylapore,Chennai,TN

Velleswarar temple is the third Saptha Sthana Shiva temple.  The temple is located at  the busy junction of South Mada street very close to Kapaleeswara temple in Mylapore, Chennai.

This temple is also an ancient one.  Legend has it that  Lord Sukracharya was made blind by Lord Vamana [ incarnation of Lord Vishnu]. Sukracharya prayed to Lord Shiva [Velleswarar) of this temple and got his sight back. You can find the idol of Sukracharya in this temple. It is also believed that the sage Angeerasa worshipped Velleswarar in this temple.

The main deities of the temple of Lord Velleswarar and Kamakshi Amman. One can go around the temple and find  shrines for Lord Muruga, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Ganesha along with his consorts. The temple has  vigrahams  for  Lord Surya, Annamalai, Unnamalai, Veerabhadra, Viswanatha, Nataraja, Sekkizhar, Nalvar and Navagraha.

A temple so beautiful and sacred.  Though it is near to the Mylapore market area, it is worth every effort to make a visit to this temple.  I always see to it that I visit this temple whenever I am in Mylapore[which is quite often]. 

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