21 April 2010

Saptha Sthana Sthalams / Temples of Mylapore, Chennai - Malleswarar Temple, Mylapore, Chennai

Malleswarar temple
Malleswarar temple is also known as Malleswara temple in Mylapore, Chennai is one of the six Saptha Sthana temples in Mylapore. The temple is located in a small lane in Bazaar street near Karaneeswarar temple. The temple's main deities are Malleswarar [Lord Shiva] and Maragadambal. The Shiv linga in this temple is very huge. 

Whenever I get  time, I go to this temple and get a good darshan.  It gives me a great sense of satisfaction.  If you happen to be in Chennai, do not miss on visiting this ancient temple in Mylapore.

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