21 April 2010

Saptha Sthana Sthalams / Temples of Mylapore, Chennai - Virupakesheeswarar temple,Mylapore, Chennai, TN

Being one among the Saptha Sthana Temples in Mylapore, Virupakesheeswarar temple is one of the oldest temples in Mylapore. Legend has it that this temple  was built by a devotee named Sivanesan Chettiar. His daughter Poompavai died, and the great saint Thirugnana Sambandhar brought her back alive from her burnt body. This is a very ancient temple worth the visit.  

The main deities of Virupakesheeswarar temple are Virupakesheeswarar [Lord Shiva] and Vishalaxi Amman.  You may add this temple to your list of temples to be visited while in Mylapore.  Since the HRTS Railway is very close by, access to this temple is definitely made easier and approachable to the people who plan to visit Mylapore. 

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