27 August 2010

Temples of Chennai - Srinivasa Perumal Koil, Chennai

Mylapore also boasts of the Srinivasar Perumal temple near "Chitra Kulam" in Mylapore, Chennai, which is administered by the Vedantha Desikar Devasthanam [SVDD]. It is located just beside the Aadhi Kesava Perumal Temple, which has an imposing gopuram that can be seen from quite a distance.

The Srinivasa Perumal  temple has a history of over 350 years. A vigraha of Sri Vedanta Desika was brought from the adjacent Kesavaperumal temple and installed here. Since elders felt that the Acharya should not preside alone, a vigraha of Lakshmi Hayagriva modelled on the idol of the Mysore Parakala mutt was brought and installed. The Parakala mutt is also located in Mylapore [opposite road to Mylai railway station]. The shrine of the great teacher Vedantha Desika is the one that faces north and it is the first shrine one sees in the temple. Sri Vedantha Desika lived over 730 years ago in South India. He wrote erudite commentaries on Ramanuja's Sribhashyam, Gita Bhashyam and was a great exponent of Visishtadvaita.

Hayagriva was the "upasana daivam" of Vedantha Desika and therefore worshipping him here is considered doubly beneficial. He is said to have performed penance in Sivanasamudram on the banks of the Cauvery river for 10 years. He lived on this earth for 120 years, which is the prescribed lifespan of a human being according to ancient texts. He left behind five noted disciples [Jeers]. Apart from the sanctum dedicated to Alameluthayar , there are shrines to Lord Rama, Lord Narasimha and the Azhwars

Throughout the year, a number of festivals are celebrated in the temple. Srinivasa Perumal Brahmothsavam, Desikar Uthsavam, Pavithra Uthsavam, Sri Rama Navami are the more prominent ones.

This is a very ancient temple in Mylapore, Chennai - not to be missed!

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