27 August 2010

Temples of Chennai -Vadapalani Muruga Temple, Chennai

Vadapalani in Chennai is famous for its Murugan Temple. Vadapalani means “Northern Palani” and is one of the busiest areas in Chennai. It is very close to Koyambedu, T.Nagar, Anna Nagar, Guindy and Ashok Pillar in chennai.

The Vadapalani Murugan Temple was built about 125 years back and is one of the most frequented Lord Muruga temples in Tamil Nadu. This Murugar Temple is famous for its marriages and it is said that nearly 7,000 couples get married here, each year.

According to the Sthalapurana, one Murugan devotee by name Annaswami Tambiran built a small thatched hut with his limited means and kept a Murugan painting for his personal worship primarily. During his medication and worship, he used to experience some divine power entering his body and inspiring him to utter some mysterious things — whatever he said in his trance was found true. His utterance went by the name of arulvak and relieved people in several ways, like curing diseases and getting jobs, solemnizing marriages, etc. This is how Vadapalani became a very well know temple in Chennai, India.

The moolavar in this  Temple is in a standing posture and resembles the Palani Murugan in every respect. In the inner prakaram,  there are many niches housing Dakshinamurthi, Chandikeswar, Mahalakshmi, et al. It has a spacious hall used for conducting marriages and religious discourses. It is one of the most-frequented Murugan shrines in the city of Chennai.

The entrance to this temple is crowned with a rajagopuram adorned with several stucco images depicting legends from the Skanda puranam. In front of the temple is the temple tank. The eastern tower rises to a height of 40.8 metres. The 108 bharata natyam dance gestures can be seen on the eastern tower as well.

There is also a Shiva Temple besides the 100 feet road and the moolavar in this Temple is called Vangeeswarar. The entrance to this temple is also crowned with a big rajagopuram adorned with several stucco images.

The temple is well maintained by the people and Vadapalani is well connected by road and rail transport.  Kodambakkam is the nearest railway station and Vadapalani bus terminus has many buses which connect to different parts of the city and many buses ply  towards vadapalani from all parts of Chennai.

A beautiful Temple worth visiting while in Chennai.

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