01 March 2012

Temples in and around Trichy - Jambekeswara Temple - Thiruvanaikaval

Thiruvanaikaval [ Tamil: திருவானைக்காவல்] [ also ThiruvanaikalJambekeswaram] is a famous Shiva temple in Tiruchirapalli [ Trichy], in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The temple was built by Kocengannan [Kochenga Chola], one of the Early Cholas, around 1,800 years ago. It is located in the Srirangam island, which has the famous Ranganathaswamy temple. 
Sree Jambekeswarar Temple-

Thiruvanaikaval is one of the five major Shiva Temples of Tamil Nadu  [Panchabhoota Sthalams] representing the Mahabhuta  or five great elements; this temple represents the element of water,  or neer in Tamil. The sanctum of Jambukeswara has an underground water stream and in spite of pumping water out, it is always filled with water.
It is one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams, where all of the four most revered Nayanars [Saivite Saints] have sung glories of the deity in this temple. The temple has inscriptions from the Chola period.
Legend also says that Adi shankarar has offerred Sri Chakra as Thaadanga [ear rings] for devi. The other legend says that Devi made the Lingam out of water particles and offerred prayers to Lord Shiva. She took Upadeshas from the lord and hence this place is also known as Upadesa Sthala.

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