20 March 2012

Temples in and Around Trichy - Mugudeshwarar Temple and Veeranarayana Temple, Kodumudi

About the Temple:

 Mugudeshwarar Temple
Kodumudi is one of the Kongunadu and is believed to be one of the shikarams of Kailash. Sundarar composed his Namachivaayappatikam here. Several literary works praise the glory of this temple. This temple is regarded as the 6th of the 7 Tevara Stalams in the Kongu Region of Tamil Nadu.
Brahma and Vishnu who are enshrined here, are said to have worshipped Shiva, hence the name Trimurthy Kovil  [ In Tamil "MUMOORTHIGAL THALAM" ].  Agasthyar is said to have worshipped here. In a test of strength between Adiseshan and Vayu, 5 gems are said to have gotten scattered from the head of Adisesha. A red stone landed at Tiruvanamalai, an emerald at Eengoimalai, a blue diamond at Potikai, a manikkam at Vaatpoki and a diamond here.
The legend of Agasthyar travelling to the South to tilt the balance of the earth is associated with Paandikkodumudi; it is believed that the waters of his kamandalam flowed from here as the Kaveri river to alleviate the misery of the farmers downstream. The Vinayakar here is referred to as Kaviri Kanda Vinayakar.

About The Temple: 
This is a vast temple with grand shrines to Kodumudi nathar, Vadivudaiammai and Perumaal and Taayaar. There are 3 entrances leading to the Kodumudi nathar, Ambal and Veeranarayana Perumal shrines. Kunchitapaada Natarajar has both his feet on the ground, in contrast to the raised left foot. The sun's rays illuminate the sanctum of Shiva and Ambal for a period of 4 days in the months of Panguni and Aavani [Pisces and Virgo].
Endowments from the Pandyan rulers have lent the name Paandikkodumudi to this shrine. There are several inscriptions here recording endowments from various royal dynasties. The lion faced pillars testify to Pallava contributions.
Festivals: Bhrammotsavam is celebrated in Chittirai [Aries], in addition to Aadipperukku where lighted lamps are set afloat in the river, Aippasi Pournami, Thaippoosam & Arudra Darisanam .

Temple Websites:

Brahma [Vanni tree]Thayar and
Perumal shrine:
Sthala Puranam [Mythology]
A well known divine story of the temple starts with the combat between Aathisesha and Vaayu [ God of life and element 'air']. This war pulses the holy Meru [Divine hill] and makes one Apex into five pieces, after this war the five pieces of the apex changes into five Swayambulinga Sivasthalas. These five sthalas are considered as five types of precious stones as follows:
  • Emerald - Thirueengoimalai [nearer to Musiri]
  • Red - Thiruvannarmalai
  • Blue - Kuttraalam
  • Manickam - Sivaaya Malai
  • Diamond - Kodumudi
So the devotees believing this sthala for their bright future.

Perumal Sannadhi Vimanam
Kodumudi is a holy place with holy River Kaveri  and a characteristic feature i.e. Kavadi Theei'lham. This Kavadi with Kaviri [Ka---Crow, Viri-Spread] water and Vanni Leaves are the symbol of Tradition during the pilgrimage to Palanimalai. This pilgrimage includes various type of Musical instruments like Udukkai, Thaarai, Thampattam, Pambai. Nathaswaram, Thiruchinnam, Thuththari and with dancing performances too.
THE POETIC SAINT SAMBANDHAR who sung 11 songs on Lord Magudeshwara. Five songs by Appar and Saint Sundharar sung 10 songs [Namashivaya Pathigani] on Lord Magudeshwara. Lurtherly Arunagirinathar [Genuine devotee of Lord Muruga] sung "Thirupugazl" on Lord Muruga of this temple.
The Brahma Vanni Tree -
Kodumudi Temple
  • The Holy and Mystic Vanni Tree without Flourishing and ripening is the Miraculous event of this temple.
  • The last week of Aavani Tamil Month and 1st week of Panguni Tamil Month are the days of Special Dharsan. During these periods the sunlight enters through the aperture of the Rajagopuram [Entrance Tower] and reaches the Swayambulingam i.e. the Lord Surya who mingles with Lord Magudeshwara. So this event happens two times, and Lord Magudeshwara blesses the Surya.
  • Kodumudi is the place of Kaviri Mother. She turns from South towards East. River Kaviri with this divine personality forms a fulfillment in devotion and makes a satisfaction in the life. So the devotees can approach this sthala to receive the bless and bliss for the fruitful life by means of Thirumoorthi's grace.
  • Another important info about this village is, this is the birth place of Mrs.K.B.Sundarambal   the great yesteryear playback singer and actress. KBS Theatre in the town, which was opened in 1972 in the presence of  the then CM M.Karunanidhi, MGR and J.Jayalalitha, stands as a mute testimony for her remembrance.

The River Cauvery-Kodumudi


Obligations for marriages, child birth, covers a maximum part of prarthana, nexly people those suffering from physical and mental diseases are strongly believing this sthala for their remedy. There are different type of rituals, poojas are conducted by the Thirukovil for the benefit of devotees. Lot of devotees succeeded and attained their goals by the strong hope and prarthana on Lord Magudeshwara. This sthala is famous for Navagraha Shanthi Homam and poojas relating the Navagraha moorthis. Devotees showing their gratitude to the temple by means of offering donations only temple for lord brama is kodumudi workship on Monday and bathing in kaveri river leads to great development in family and business life

Theertham - This defines the holy river Kaviri and other Holy water origins inside the temple, i.e. Bharadhwaja Theertham, Brahma Theertham, Deva Theertham viz.

Navagraha dhoshams for each graham is performed here.  
Rahu Kethu Preethi: Pooja is being done with a stone Punar nahar [two nahars intertwined] or flour nahar. For homam it costs about 1500/= and you can go for either Stone Nahar for Rs 750/= or flour nahar for Rs 150/=
PS: [Approx. rates only given-to enquire].
A view of the Pariharam Centre in the Temple
Nahars for Pariharam
Sevvai Pariharam: The person has to tie the mangal suthra to a plantain tree and after the symbolic marriage, it has to be cut and thrown away. This requires, saree, dhothi, a mangal suthra and the homa items and costs about Rs 1500 /= and you have to leave the dress you were wearing during the homam there itself.
Mrithyanja homam [to get rid of death fear]: This costs either 1500/= or 5000/= depending upon the type of pooja.
Prithyangara homam [to get rid of the evil effects from enemies] is a little costlier and it is being done according to the affordability of the person
Dhanvanthri homam [for illness]: Minimum Rs 1700/= and depends on the affordability of the person
Gubera Lakshmi Pooja: Costs about Rs 2000/= you have to bring 50 numbers of 1 rupee coins and take them back after the pooja
Durga Soolani homam [to get rid of curse by ladies]: Costs about Rs 1500/= Pooja is being done for Nava durga and Sabtha Kannigas
Ayushya Homam costs about Rs 1700/=
Apart from these, Navagraha homams, Ganapathy homam, Pithru Saba homam, Brahma Harthi dosha nivarana homam, Sudharsana homam etc., are also being done.
Gurukkals [Shaiva type] :
Mahalinga Gurukkal – 94438 40007
Santhoshi Sivam – 94439 13053
Bhattars [Vaishnava type] :
Sridhar Bhattar: 94881 43403 / 90809 42529
It is said the people suffering from mental illness, after doing the pariharam here, should go to Gunaseelam in the Trichy – Musiri route immediately and continue the pariharam the next day morning by taking a dip before sun rise at the Cauvery there for best cure.

Vanni Tree [The tree is a 3000 year old living tree.]

Nandhi in front of the Shiva Shrine

Chithirai Festival begins with Flag Hoist and Car riding on the day of Hastha Nakshthra and ends in the day of Chithra Nakshathra with Holy bathing in the river at morning and dehoisting the flag the evening. During this Ten days of ceremony the Uthsavamoorthis [festive deities - Siva, Vishnu] will be taken out on different types of Vahanas for dharsan.
The 18th day of Aadi Tamil Month is the day for Holy bath in river Kaviri. During this function the Uthsavamoorthi will be taken to the river bank and there will be a function called "Deepam" conducted by Thirukovil, at 6.00 P.M. The Last Friday of the Aadi Month is the day of making Decorations to all deities with sandalwood powder.
The Moola Nakshathra day of Aavani Tamil Month is a day of Siva, Peruman who blesses the living being at the river bank is called Pittu Thiruvizha. Rohini Nakshathra day of Aavani Month is the birthday of Lord Krishna and so called as "Krishna Jayanthi". These festival is conducted for two days with the procession of Lord Krishna Festive deity.
Aswini Nakshathra of Aipasi Tamil Month is the day of Annabishekam [Abishekam with cooked rice] to Lord Magudeshwara and Sasti Festival of six days duration which ends with the Soora Samhara. The Seventh day function is the Marriage Ceremony of Lord Muruga with Valli, Devasena.
Krithika Nakshathra day of Karthigai Tamil Month is the day of "Karthikai Deepam" [Day of light]. The last Monday of these month is the day for the "108 Sankabishekam" [conches filled with Kaviri water].
Thiruvathirai Nakshatra day of Margazhi Tamil Month is the day for Lord Nataraja, Nataraja abishekam is a process of specialized pooja for the dancing Sivaperuman. Procession, Festive deities will be taken out for the public dharshan. The "Ekadhasi" is the day of entering in the Gateway to reach "Vaikuntham" [Heaven of Mahavshnu]. This function is followed by the procession of "Uthsavamoorthis".
Pushpa Nakshathra of Thai Tamil Month is the day of "Theerthavizha"
Mahasivarathri is a grand saivaite festival to receive the bless and bliss from the Supreme Divine grace Sivaperuman.
Uthra Nakshathra day of this Panguni Tamil Month is the day of worshiping Lord Muruga.
How To Reach Kodumudi: 
This sthala is situated in the main route of Erode-Trichy, Madurai highways and with source of confluent Train facilities. And so Trains from Erode towards Trichy, Madurai, Kaniyakumari, Thirunelveli, Tuticorin are at the benefit for the devotees. Erode District Headquarters is situated at 38 km from Kodumudi. Karur District Headquarters s situated at 26 km destnations. Both Train and Bus facilities are available to reach Kodumudi.

From Karur:[26 Kms]
Any bus that goes to Erode passes through Kodumudi, apart from Kodumudi buses.

From Erode: [38 Kms]
Any bus that goes to Karur passes through Kodumudi

By Air:Chennai to Trichy Airport – Karur – Kodumudi, Chennai to Coimbatore Airport – Erode – Kodumudi Distance between Trichy- Kodumudi is 100 km Distance between Coimbatore to Kodumudi is 120 km.

Boarding and Lodging:
Lodging and Boarding accommodations are available only in Erode, Karur cities. There is no proper lodging facilities in the Kodumudi.  

Arulmigu Magudeshwarar & Veeranarayana Perumal Temple,
Kodumudi, Erode Taluk & District.
Tamilnadu – 638 151
Phone :+91-04204-222375 

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