20 March 2012

Temples in and Around Trichy - The Brahmapureeswarar Temple-Thiruppattur

The Brahmapureeswarar Temple is a  Hindu Temple located in Tirupattur, Tiruchirapalli, India.  Some believe that a person can change his fate by seeking the blessings of Lord Brahma at Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Thirupattur. Contrary to general impressions, there is more than one Lord Brahma temple in India.

The Brahmapureeswarar Temple -Thiruppattur
About the Temple:

Mythological references recount Lord Brahma's overwhelming pride as the Creator of the Universe. Lord Brahma felt that He was more prevailing than Lord Shiva – since He had the supremacy of creation.
This sense of pride provoked Lord Shiva, who destroyed Lord Brahma's Fifth Head, and also cursed Him that He would lose His power of creation.
To relieve himself of this curse, Lord Brahma started out on a pilgrimage of Lord Shiva Temples.
During the course of His pilgrimage, Lord Brahma also visited this temple and installed 12 Shiva Lingams around Brahmapureeswarar and worshipped Lord Shiva here for a considerable time.
View of the Temple Vimanam
Being moved by Lord Brahma's prayers, Lord Shiva, on Devi Parvathi's  appeal, gave him Darshan under the Magizha tree and liberated Him from His curse. Lord Shiva also restored the power and responsibility of creation to Lord Brahma.
Lord Shiva also blessed Lord Brahma that He would have a separate shrine at this temple. He also advised Lord Brahma that since Brahma himself had His destiny rewritten here; He should rewrite the destiny of His devotees visiting this temple.
Lord Brahma in Brahmapureeswarar 
Since the fate of Lord Brahma, the Creator, Himself was changed by Lord Shiva at Tirupattur, one can expect a turning point in life by praying at this temple.
The temple is under the administration of The Hindu Religious And Charitable Endowments Department, Government of TamilNadu.
The presiding deity is Lord Brahmapureeswarar in the form of Swayambu Lingam.  
The presiding deity is Devi Brahma Sampath Gowri.
There is a separate shrine for Lord Brahma. The idol of Lord Brahma is in meditative pose sitting in Padmasana  on a lotus.
The Temple complex consists of the 12 Shiva Lingams, installed and worshipped by Lord Brahma.
The Shiva Lingams worshipped at the
Brahmapureeswarar Temple
The 12 Shrines of Lord Shiva:
There are 12 Shiv Lingams in the Temple complex, which includes the garden adjacent to the temple. These Shiva Lingams were installed and worshipped by Lord Brahma.
Most of these Shiv Lingams are housed in separate shrines, which are situated around the Brahma Theertham.
Brahma Theertham is the pond from which Lord Brahma took water for performing puja to Lord Shiva.
The temple complex also has the Jeeva Samadhi of Yogi Patanjali, the author of Yoga Sutras. 

These 12 shrines of Lord Shiva which comprise the Bramhapureeswarar Temple complex are: 
  • Sri Brahmapureeswarar Presiding Deity
  • Sri Pazhamalai Nathar
  • Sri Pathala Eswarar
  • Sri Thayumanavar
  • Sri Manduga Nathar
  • Sri Ekambareswarar
  • Sri Arunachaleswarar
  • Sri Kailasa Nathar
  • Sri Jambukeshwarar
  • Sri Kalathi Nathar
  • Sri Sabthagereswarar
  • Sri Sudharaneswarar

Location of the Temple

Thiruppattur is located 30 km from Trichy in Tamil Nadu in on the Trichy Chennai National Highway 45.

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