08 August 2009


Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated widely all over India, in community centers, residences as well as in temples. My website features three ancient temples from Tamilnadu - The Rockfort Temple at Tiruchirappalli, the Karpaka Vinayakar Temple at Pillaiyarpatti near Karaikkudi and the Sweta Vinayakar Temple at Tiruvalanchuzhi near Kumbhakonam. All of the above temples are at least a thousand years old. While the Rockfort temple stands on a hill accessed through a flight of steps, the second is a rock cut shrine and the third has several ornamental pillars lining its halls, in a large temple complex. All these temples have a festive look during the Chaturthi celebrations.
Here are some Links to Ganesh Chaturthi Significance and Celebrations:


Vidyaarthee Lapthey Vidyaam; Dhanaarthee Lapathey Dhanam; Puthraarthee Lapathey Puthraan; Mokshaarthee Lapathey Gathim


One who aspires wisdom attains it One who aspires wealth attains it One who aspires a son attains him and One who aspires moksha attains it.


With this small Ganesha Slokam, I close this Chapter on Ganesh Temples/Sthalams. My next posts (Chapter) will be on "Skanda Temples/Sthalams - also known as Murugan, Kartikeya, Subramanya ".

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