08 August 2009


It is one of the beautiful and the oldest temples. In this temple, Lord Ganesha [Vinayakar] is in sitting position, with Little Lord Krishna on his left lap. Lord Ganesha is keeping his trunk in such a position as if he is cradling Little Lord Krishna.
On the Ganesh [Vinayaka] Chathurthi day, special alankaras [decorations] , special poojas, Gaja pooja, Ashta Dravya Maha Yagam [Yagna / Havan] Musical concerts etc. are being held, every year.On this day, the lakhs of devotees visit this temple.
In order to ward off the hurdles in the marriage processes, worshipping Lord Ganesha with garland containing 28 nos. of plantain fruits [Kadhali pasham] on Tuesday / Friday [for one week] is a special event in this temple. This worship [Vazhipadu] is so popular that we may be required to book for it well advance [ it seems that the waiting list for this pooja is running beyond three [3] years, as of date].
During the period of Makara Vilakku [i.e. from November to January] annual Ganesha Sangeetha Utsav [festival] takes place every year. In this festival season, popular musicians take part actively and dedicate their concert to Lord Ganesha.
Every one considers that worshipping Shri Vaishnava Ganapathy is a big blessing to them. Like Ganesh [Vinayaka] Chathurthi festival, Shri Krishna Jayanthi festival is also being celebrated in this temple, every year, in a grand style. Many devotees strongly believe that if they prepare Paal Payaasam [Milk Kheer] for 12 [twelve] Thursdays and present it as Naivedhyam [Prasadam] to Shri Vaishnava Ganapathy, then, they are able to get themselves free from disceases, achieve success in their efforts, to facilitate hurdle-free marriages, to get blessed with a child etc.
Devotees may perform Udhaya [early morning] and Ashthamana [evening] poojas with fruits garlands and special poojas to achieve what they wish to have in their lifetime.
[Ernakulam in Kerala State is well connected by air, rail and road from major Metro cities]
Located in between:- ERNAKULAM – KOTTAYAM rail route Nearest Railway station:- KURUPPANTHRA

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