10 August 2009


Virali Malai Location: It is located at 40kms from Pudukottai and 30kms from Trichy in the Trichy-Madurai main road.
Siddas, Saints and Other Devotees: This is the place where Arunagirinathar attained Astama siddhi. When Arunagirinathar stayed in Vayalur, Muruga came in his dream and asked him to come to Virali malai saying, "Yemmai pugazhndu paada yamuraiyum Viralimalaikku varuga". Anrunagirinathar sung 16 Tirupugazh songs on Virali malai Murugan. Also Vasishtar and his wife Arundathi got Sapa Vimochana by worshipping Viralimalai Murugan. (There is a story behind this.. Arundathi is one of the Karthigai matha who took care of Muruga in his childhood. All the other five fed milk to kulandai murugan but only she didnt give milk. On seeing this Vasishtar got angry and punished her(Saapam). On seeing this Muruga got angry and he inturn gave saapam to Vasishtar). Also Kachiappa Munivar(Father of Soorapadman) and Naradar also got Saapa Vimochanam from this Murugan. As a proving factor for these facts, ther are carvings for Vasishtar, Arundathi and Naradar on pillars. During the Uchi kala Pooja Suruttu(Large size Cigarette) is kept with the padayal for this Murugan. For this, there is a story: A devotee had the habbit of smoking Suruttu. During a rainy season he thought Muruga would felt cold and he kept Suruttu for Muruga. On seeing his bakthi Muruga got happy and from that day Suruttu is kept with padayal during the Uchi Kala Pooja Sannidis in Virali malai:
On the way to the mountain, there is an Arumugan sannidi in a mandapa called Sandana kottam. And there is a Sannidi for Idumban and also for Meenakshi Sundaresar which is carved inside a single rock . There are 207 steps to reach the temple. In the prakara, Vinayagar, Dakshina murthy, Agasthiar, Arunagirinathar, Sandigeswarar and Bairavar are there. The Moolavar Viralimalai Murugan is with 6 faces and 12 hands, sitting on Peacock. On the two sides Valli and Deivayanai are there.
Festivals and Poojas:
Chitra Pournami, Sangabishekam, Vaikasi Visakam, Adi Karthigai, Kanda Sasti, Tai Poosam, Masio Karthigai, Magabishekam and Panguni Uthiram are celebrated grantly here. Taip pusam, Pankuni Uttiram, Kanda Sasthi and Adikrittikai are the main festivals as in other Murugan temples.

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