17 August 2009

Surya Sthalams/ Temples - Sun Temple at Unao, Madhya Pradesh

The sun has been revered as the life giving source of energy, in the Indian system of beliefs. Unao in Madhya Pradesh near Jhansi houses a temple to the sun, which is visited by many. The Bhramanya Dev Temple is also known as the Baramju temple. This temple was patronized by the Peshwas and by the ruler of Datia, a nearby town It is a well visited temple. Local belief is that worshippers find relief from ailments such as blindness and leprosy and other skin diseases. The stone image of the Sun God stands here on a brick platform covered with black plates. Twenty one triangles representing the 21 phases of the sun are engraved in the shrine.There is a protective brass cover for the image. Special worship services are offered on Sundays here.

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